Image of Wedding Reels

Wedding Reels

Hey, there take wedding reels for a spin!👋

Our Wedding Reels demo allows you to envision your guests generating content by taking videos at your reception. They can easily create a video with their phone, upload it, and voila! The video is then stored on your dashboard. Your dashboard provides unlimited video storage and allows for downloading or editing the videos at a later time. Additionally, the videos can be displayed on your website's video wall, "Your Wedding Wall of Love." We use a simple snippet of code that can be placed on a URL or webpage and instantly approved for delivery to your website.

What you could mention:

  • We want to hear from our YOU our guests!
  • - Do you have any funny stories about the bride or groom?
  • - We love getting perspectives from relatives
  • - High School and College friends have the best stories
  • We'd love to include them in the wedding video!